Reception in Honor of Director Manoussos Manoussakis for his Movie “Cloudy Sunday”

American Friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece
in cooperation with
New York City Greek Film Festival
Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce
American Sephardi Federation

Cordially invite you to a Hors D ’Oeuvres and Wine Reception

 In Honor of Director Manoussos Manoussakis

For his Movie


On Sunday, October 2nd, 2016

12:30 pm – 1:45 pm


Directors Guild of America Theater

110 West 57th Street
(Between 6th and 7th Avenues)
New York, NY 10019

Immediately following the Reception, NYC Greek Film Festival will screen the Movie “Cloudy Sunday” at 2:00 PM

Reception is free for Ticket Holders

Movie Tickets may be purchased at the box office and through the NYC Greek Film Festival website:

See the “Cloudy Sunday” movie poster

Form/Less by Maria Fragoudaki


job_1428_120x120cmbed-sheets-iii-2016-cloth-mixed-medium-and-pigment-on-canvas-120-x-120cm job_1438_150x150cm

Maria Fragoudaki
Jewish Museum of Greece, Athens

Drawing from Plato’s “Theory of Forms”, the artist explores the ability of the senses to convey Ideas. Whereas in Plato’s Phaedo the senses are seen as an impediment to the understanding of truth, this exhibition is a study of our capacity to perceive through the senses. Thus, sense perception becomes an instrument of knowledge, and the physical, material objects become a manifestation of abstract Ideas.

Fragoudaki delves into the greater concept of materiality questioning what we see, what we feel and what we are able to understand. Through her interaction with the material she is trying to reveal Forms that are inherent to the objects, but hidden at first sight.  Once the artist interacts with materials, she becomes aware of what they are and their properties and often transforms them, challenging our notion of reality.

The works in this exhibition were inspired by artifacts from the permanent exhibition of the Jewish Museum of Greece. They express the artist’s interpretation of the tactile, material culture of two thousand years of Jewish history in Greece through stone, wood, paint, paper and textile objects.

Yom Kippur in Ioannina

Tuesday the 11th and Wednesday the 12th of October 2016
An invitation from Annette B. Fromm, Ph.D. on behalf of the Jewish Community of Ioannia         

Dear friends,

During the last few years, thanks to your support, the celebration of Yom-Kippur in our town has developed into a heartwarming meeting: Jews from Greece (Athens, Salonica and the other Greek Communities), as well as from Israel, the USA and other countries, live an overwhelming experience in our city’s historical Synagogue, one of the most important monuments of Greek Judaism. At the same time, our co-religionists, with their dynamic presence, reinforce our efforts to maintain our age-old cultural heritage.  We would like to thank you for your wholehearted moral and financial support, and invite you to join us in celebrating Yom-Kippur in Ioannina, on Tuesday the 11th and Wednesday the 12th of October 2016, in order to honor together the greatest holiday of Judaism, with the reverence and the brightness it deserves.  For your information, on Tuesday afternoon, 11th of October, our beloved rabbi and cantor, Mr. Haim Ischakis, will perform memorial services (hashkavot) at the Jewish Cemetery as well as a memorial service for the victims of the Holocaust, followed by Kaddish prayer. The services will start at 01:30p.m. On the same evening, after the Kol Nidre ceremony at the Synagogue, a special memorial service will be held for the Israeli soldiers, fallen during Yom Kippur War, in October 1973.  On the evening of Wednesday, 12th of October, after the end of fasting and the blowing of the oldest Shofar in Greece, our community will treat its members and all the guests to a festive dinner, which will be held at the Du Lac Hotel.

During it, we will honor a prominent member of the Ioanniote Diaspora, Professor Mimis Cohen , whose roots are  from Ioannina and is Professor of Surgery at the University of Illinois, Chicago. At the same time, we will honor the last survivors from the concentration camps who were born in Ioannina and were expelled from our city. Like it did last year, the Community will cover the cost of a 50-seater coach for the transportation of the travelers from Athens. At the same time, as we always do, we will try to get the best possible rates for our city’s hotels.    Dear friends, we are certain that, this year as well, you will show your great support to our Community, which although small, is in fact very active, and tries very hard to preserve what was left from the Nazi raid and the loss of 91% of its population. Your presence will give us great joy, as well as the necessary strength to continue our difficult work.   Come to Ioannina, to enjoy the unsurpassed melody of a genuine Romaniote service! Plan in time your trip, and spread the word to your friends.

Please confirm your attendance as soon as possible to Mr. Moses Elissaf, President of the Community (+30/693.2476.665) or to Mrs. Allegra Matsa (+30/697.7405.744) or to the offices of the Community (+30/26510.25195). In that way, we will have the time to organize Wednesday’s event and festive dinner in a most impeccable way. On our part, we promise you to do our best in order to facilitate your stay in our beautiful city.

We are expecting you!

Jewish Community of Ioannina

Damaskinos Award Ceremony, Wednesday, June 1, 2016





  • The Mayor strongly  supports  and  acts  as  an  advocate  for  the  idea  to administer the Greek nationality back to the Jews who having survived the Holocaust fled Greece. They were deprived of their second nationality the Greek one after a controversial political decision was taken by the central government during the 50’s.
  • In the context of the Boutaris’ Administration initiative to promote ‘cities’diplomacy’, the Mayor actively assists the efforts of Thessaloniki’s Jewish Community to bring back to Thessaloniki the historical Greek-Jewish Archives kept in Moscow for the past 65 ye It seems that this story is going to have soon a happy ending.
  • On Boutaris’ Administration request Thessaloniki participates in the National Martyrdom Cities’ Network – something that the previous administrations denied systematically on the ludicrous allegation that “Thessaloniki’s Jews lost their lives elsewhere”.
  • The Thessaloniki City Council paid honor to the last Holocaust survivors, Thessaloniki Jews citizens, as soon as the new Administration took office in 201
  • In 2013 and for the first time ever, the Municipality of Thessaloniki participated with a big delegation representing all the city’s actors at the ‘March of the Living’ in Krakow, Poland. Mayor Boutaris was the head of the delegation and lit one of the six candles in memory of the six million Jews lost in the Holocaust.
  • For the first time ever in 2013, the Municipality of Thessaloniki organized a Silent March in remembrance of the first train deporting Thessaloniki Jews to Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps 70 years after the Holocaust. The events were attended by the political authorities of the country, the region and the city, and by thousands of Thessaloniki citizen Relevant events took place also during 2014 (71 years after the Holocaust) and 2015 (72 years after the Holocaust). In 2016 (73 years after the Holocaust), the Silent March was also attended by the Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Mr. Ron Huldai, and the Head of the “March of the Living”, Mr. Aaron Tamir.
  • The “Liberty Square” (Platia Eleftherias) at the heart of Thessaloniki, Greece, a place of great importance for the city, since several historic events took place during the long Thessaloniki history, is planned to be restored into a proper public space for social gathering and relaxation (until now it has largely been used as a parking lot) as a way to pay real tribute to the important historical moments of the cit The remodeling of the square is the best opportunity to move the Holocaust Monument to a more prominent spot within this historical place.
  • The Municipality of Thessaloniki promotes the founding of the HolocaustMuseum and Educational Centre close to the Old Train Station, the spot from where the Jews of Thessaloniki were deported to the concentration camp The Museum will serve as a symbol to remind the dramatic events of WWII and to uphold the memory of the more than 50.000 Thessaloniki Jews lost at the Holocaust. In that context, a memorandum with the Thessaloniki Jewish Community and the National Railways Services was signed during the first term of the Boutaris’ Administration to secure the land upon which the Museum is going to be built. Architectural plans are ready, and the project is in the stage of securing building permits, while funding is being sought.
  • In early 2016, a Memorandum of Understanding between the Thessaloniki Jewish Community and the Memorial de la Shoah of Paris was signed in the premises of the Thessaloniki City Hall and in the presence of Mayor Boutaris. This development opens the way for the organization of the Memorial de la Shoah to offer its experience and know-how for setting up the Holocaust Museum and Educational Centre.
  • During the inauguration ceremony of the City Council (28 August 2014) for the new Local Administration term (which will last until 2019), M Boutaris wore the Star of David as a symbolic move against totalitarianism, racism and exclusion and as a move to remind the Holocaust, provoked by the fact that for the first time ever two Golden Dawn city councilors, who praise the Holocaust, have been elected in the Thessaloniki City Council.